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Application of silicone rubber in electrical and electronic industry
Jul 06, 2018

In addition to a large number of silicone rubber for wire and cable insulation skin, in the electronic and electrical industry is also widely used as a connector, electrical seals, damping parts, motor stator coil insulation tape, high-temperature potentiometer seal ring and motor high-voltage coil thrust ring. 

The use of self-adhesive vulcanized silicone Rubber Triangle Belt for electrical motor coil binding insulation materials, can be made with heat, moisture, anti-vibration and other characteristics of the motor, and widely used in navigation, mining and metallurgy and other departments. 

The insulators made from silicone rubber and polyester fiber reinforced silicone rubber have the characteristics of light weight, good performance and good protection against flying arc, salt mist, dust-proof and so on, compared with ceramic insulators. Universal potentiometer and high temperature resistance potentiometer use a large number of silicone rubber insulation bushing and seal ring to ensure the good performance of the potentiometer. 

The low long-distance communication device, soft conduction tube, high-power SCR tube, boiler hot air heat exchanger seal, microwave pipeline flange seal, etc., all use silicone rubber extensively. Heat shrinkable Silicone rubber tube, in addition to all of the silicone rubber is resistant to high, low temperature, anti-aging and excellent electrical insulation, but also has thermal shrinkage, can be used for a variety of electrical equipment connection, protection and insulation.

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