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Is it safe to use silicone products?
Jul 06, 2018

Silica gel because of its good stability and special resistance to high temperature and low temperature, so you can use the microwave oven high-temperature heating without deformation or release of toxic substances, can also be placed in the freezer refrigeration! Silica gel is closer to human skin because of its texture, and non-toxic odorless, so children use silicone nipple is also very healthy, and good silica gel with automatic disinfection function, do not touch stains, easy to clean, now a lot of fashionable family are using silicone kitchenware, because it completely with the microwave oven can cook, more worry save time,

More important yes is not to produce fumes. The beauty of the heart, people have. Now many women like plastic surgery, breast implants, and breast implants are used in the raw material is silica gel, although, silicone for adults, but not serious, but for the baby and breast-feeding is a big ban. Silica gel through the milk into the baby's body, affecting its growth and health, so silicone breast implants are harmful to infants, so, breast implants do not breastfeed.

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