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The development of silicone rubber in automobile machinery industry
Jul 06, 2018

For more than more than 10 years, cars have been moving in the direction of reducing weight, increasing speed, saving fuel, limiting emissions and improving reliability, and its core is to shrink the size of the engine. After the application of turbocharger, the operating temperature under the hood is getting higher, the 70 's is 100 ℃, 80 's 150 ℃, entering 90 's more than 200 ℃.

Therefore, silicone rubber in the key parts of the use of increasing. The current silicone rubber seals and gaskets have been used in a large number of driving shafts, inserts, oil pan, cooler with water cover, headlights, sliding roof, open car roof, muffler joint seal, high resistance, low temperature, weather-resistant connectors and ventilator, etc. silicone rubber protective sleeve mainly used in spark plugs, distributor, ignition coil, stopper, headlights, etc. Silicone rubber hose is mainly used in heating system, turbocharger and so on.

In addition, the fabric-reinforced silicone rubber airbag as a driver and passengers of the anti-collision safety measures have also been used in automobiles. In the past, the automobile oil seal more used nitrile rubber manufacturing, but with the speed increase, temperature rise, NBR lip easily cracked. Switch to high resistance to tear silicone rubber, satisfactory solution to the problem. Silicone rubber ignition Cable with corona resistance, ozone, fuel saving and pollution-free environment, such as the advantages of long service life, and safe and reliable; silicone rubber hose used as radiator and heater main components, with long service life (5 years), at least 800,000 km. Silicone rubber hose Because of good heat resistance, can also be used as turbocharger air duct and return pipeline flexible joints, where the temperature of up to 205 ℃, the general organic rubber can not withstand. Silicone rubber parts in the keyless door locks, electrical system protection cover, lamp halogen lampshade, sunshade and other aspects have achieved successful application, and there will be more and more applications.

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