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The difference between silicone and silicone rubber
Jul 06, 2018

According to some chemical books, "Silica gel" should be the condensation of silica, the formula is Msio2 H2o. The "Silica gel" is a highly active adsorbent material, is a amorphous material, insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic tasteless, chemical property stability, in addition to strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid and no reaction with any matter.

And we often say that rhinoplasty, breast implants filled with silicone is the kind of silicone. But in the mold industry, we refer to the "silica gel" is usually not the silica hydrate as described above silicone.

Mold Industry silica gel is usually said to be a kind of polysiloxane, simply said, mold industry, "Silica gel" is a synthetic rubber, because contains silicon atom ingredient is called silicone rubber, so is referred to as "silica gel." Mold industry, "silicone" a wide range of different uses. As for the performance of the product according to the different raw materials there is a big gap, but in general this "silica gel" (the exact case is silicone rubber) in the future presents a replacement for the rubber trend. We have a lot of time to mention "silica gel" is not simply refers to silica condensation, nor is it said that the mold industry above the silicone rubber. But the above two kinds of products are called "Silica gel." At this time we have "silica gel" into organic silicone and inorganic silica gel. Inorganic silica Gel is the first "silica gel" that we mentioned as the hydrate of silica. The silicone rubber in the mold industry is called organic silicone because it contains hydrocarbon groups. In some places said "silicone rubber" when it will be defined as "between organic and inorganic", but more production of silicone rubber manufacturers or boast is the production of silicone.

From the above three kinds of situation, "silicone" the concept of the word is very confusing, but unfortunately, to date, there is no State express. When we hear the word "silicone" must be understood is silica or silicone rubber, or, in the final analysis, inorganic silica gel or silicone. Here it is necessary to mention a few words related to the term "silicone": Silicone rubber, silica gel, Silicon kang.

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