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The use of silicone rubber
Jul 06, 2018

1, silica gel products are the production of copiers, keyboards, electronic dictionaries, remote control, toys, silicone keys, such as essential components.

2, can be used to do durable-shaped gasket, electronic accessories Packaging materials, automotive electronics accessories maintenance materials.

3, can be used to make electronic components, molded high pressure flange.

4, can be used for the production of conductive silica gel, medical silicone, foam silica gel, molding silicone and so on.

5, for the building and repair of houses, high-speed kilometer seam seal, bridge sealing and other sealing works.

6, can be used for baby supplies, maternal and infant supplies, baby bottles, bottle protection kits.

7, can be used in kitchen products, kitchenware production and related auxiliary kitchenware products.

8, can be used for medical device accessories, due to silica gel colorless tasteless non-toxic and other characteristics widely used in the medical industry.

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