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What are the silicone tube applications?
Nov 19, 2018

 1, silicone tube may be divided into "extrusion tube", "shaped tube".

the silicone tube is brought to the double-roll rubber mixer or the closed kneading device by using silicone rubber raw rubber, and gradually participates within the white carbon black and different auxiliary materials to be again and again delicate, and is extruded into merchandise in step with the necessities of expert commodity technical requirements. silicone tubes are widely utilized in contemporary industry, protection enterprise and each day requirements. conductive for the electronics enterprise

2, the use and category of silicone tube

The use and class of silicone tube can be extensively used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, equipment, electric, clinical, oven, food and other commercial sectors for great electrical insulation seals, liquid transport materials. precision consultant, oil pipeline, household appliance seal, ingesting water pipeline seal, medical remedy, and many others.

applicable to: (espresso pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, frying pan, disinfection cupboard water dispenser, pulp machine, bread system, burning home equipment, water heaters, etc.) and digital, automobile, scientific and other mechanical items .

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