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Advantages Of Liquid Silicone Raw Materials
Dec 03, 2018

  With the development of society, no matter where it is, the concept of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, let alone the pacifier for infants. Most of the baby pacifiers are now made of silica gel, which is exactly the liquid silicone in silica gel. Liquid silicone is safe and environmentally friendly. It is one of the main reasons for the safe use of food grade requirements as a raw material for pacifiers. Of course, the advantages of liquid silicone are more than just one.

       The liquid silicone gel is made of silica gel products. It is abbreviated as LSR in English. The product is divided into two parts, A and B. It has excellent transparency, good dynamic performance, fast forming speed, anti-yellowing, heat aging resistance and excellent tearing. Crack strength, suitable for injection molding process.

       It is mainly used in children's products, medical supplies and electronic products. It also has good elasticity and waterproof and moisture resistance. It is resistant to acid, alkali and other chemical substances and can be used to replace plastic products.

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