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Application And Performance Of Silicone Tube
Dec 29, 2018

Among rubber products, silicone tubes are the most widely used and may be known to most people. So, what are the properties of silicone tubing and what can make it so widely used?

Silicone tube is: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-toxic, odorless: fine silicone wire, silicone tube (bar), high pressure resistant silicone tube, gear-shaped silicone tube, sealing strip, shaped strip, food grade (non-toxic) silicone tube ( Article), medical silicone tube, medicinal silicone tube, braided silicone tube (for transporting working pressure, liquid food, pharmaceutical and biological products.), medical silicone tube joint, silicone sealing tube, flame retardant tube (strip), Silicone foamed silicone strip, high temperature resistant silicone tube; Performance: cold and high temperature resistant. Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless; suitable for: small household appliances (coffee pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, deep fryer, disinfection cabinet water dispenser, pulp machine, bread machine, burning appliances, water heaters, etc.) and electronics, Support for automotive, medical and other mechanical products.

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