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Application Of Silicone Rubber In Medical Field
Jul 06, 2018

Among the many synthetic rubbers, silicone rubber is the leader in it. It has tasteless non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and withstand the cold characteristics of 300 degrees Celsius and sorter when the "poised",  "sweat ", still lose the original strength and elasticity. Silicone rubber also has a good electrical insulation, anti-aging resistance to oxygen, light anti-aging and mildew resistance, chemical stability and so on. Thanks to these excellent properties, silicone rubber has played an important role in modern medicine.

By the hospital, scientific research units and factories work together to successfully produce a variety of silicone rubber medical supplies.

Silicone rubber noise-proof earplugs: comfortable to wear, good barrier noise, protection of eardrum.

Silicone rubber tyre Head suction device: Easy to operate, safe to use, can be based on fetal head size deformation, attract fetal scalp will not be sucked up, can avoid scalp hematoma and intracranial injuries, can greatly reduce the pain of childbirth pregnant women.

Silicone rubber artificial blood vessels: with special physiological functions, can do with the human body, "intimate", the human body does not repel it, after a certain period of time, will be fully integrated with the human body stability is very good. Silicone rubber tympanic Membrane repair film: its thin and soft, smooth finish and toughness are good.

Is the ideal material to repair the eardrum, and easy to operate, the effect is very good. In addition, there are silicone rubber artificial trachea, artificial lung, artificial bone, silicone rubber, such as duodenal tube, the efficacy is very ideal.

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