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Application Of Thermal Silicone Rubber On Electrical Appliances
Nov 19, 2018

 Silicone rubber has a wide range of applications, such as building curtain walls, energy-saving doors and windows, insulating glass, fabricated buildings, environmentally friendly interiors, automobile manufacturing, airport road bridges, etc., and also has important applications in new energy, electronic appliances and other aspects.

 Insulators need to use high thermal conductivity insulation materials to effectively remove the heat generated by electronic equipment, so as to ensure that electronic components can still operate normally under various operating temperatures to ensure product life and quality reliability. The heat dissipation problem in electronic equipment can be solved by the heat conductive material, which is an important member of the heat conductive material. It is a typical polymer composite material whose thermal conductivity is mainly composed of silicone rubber matrix, filler and processing technology. Decide.

In recent years, thermal and flame retardant silicone rubber has gradually become an important member of silicone rubber materials in the electronic and electrical industry. High-power heat dissipation, such as bonding of semiconductor and heat sink, protection of tube core, sealing of tube case, thermal insulation of electronic rectifier, thermistor, thermal insulation and insulation assembly of multi-layer board in micro-package and lithium battery Thermally conductive and potable insulating silicone rubber with different performance indexes are required for thermal potting and sealing.

  The application of thermal conductive silicone rubber materials in the field of electronic appliances has become more and more extensive and has a very good development prospect.

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