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Eight Advantages Of Gas Phase Silicone Rubber
Dec 03, 2018

Gas phase silica gel is called gas phase silica gel. It is made by adding raw rubber to fumed silica and other auxiliary materials. It has excellent tear strength, resilience and transparency. The hardness of common specifications is 10 degrees to 80 degrees. Especially for the pressure cooker ring, silicone tube, sheath and various industrial products, high anti-tear silicone is irreplaceable!

      Advantages of gas phase silica gel:

      1. Compared with ordinary silica gel, the vapor phase rubber has higher fineness and can reach more than 1000 mesh;

      2. The tensile strength can reach between 7MPa and 9MPa, the stretching will not be white, and it is extremely elastic, and will not be whitish after repeated high-strength stretching;

      3. The degree of transparency of fumed silica gel can be translucent and transparent, and it looks more lustrous in appearance.

      4. High and low temperature resistance, good tear resistance and good elongation;

      5. Gas-phase silica gel has high-strength product characteristics and can be used in a high-intensity environment for a long time. The gas-phase silica gel can be used for a long time or even permanently;

      6. Rapid vulcanization, the release of the product during the vulcanization process is harmless to the human body;

      7. Excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance;

      8. The product meets the environmental requirements of ROHS and is certified by the US FDA. And the testing of EU LFGB food standards.

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