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High Temperature Silicone Tube Configuration Features
Dec 12, 2018

The configuration features of the high temperature resistant silicone tube equipment are as follows:

1. High temperature resistant silicone tube is made of industrial grade or above, oil lubricated ceramic high pressure piston pump (with oil level window) and high performance bypass control stepless pressure regulating valve (to adapt to different cleaning tasks) with high reliability and long service life. ;

2, it has a concise electrification operation, can be switched under the three choices of cold, heat, steam, high temperature silicone tube, high pressure cleaning operation, intelligent temperature controller, precise control of water temperature, leakage protection design, to ensure user safety ;

3. It adopts heavy tough steel structure frame, which can adapt to harsh indoor working environment or field working environment with high safety factor;

4, strong high-performance motor, can be connected by direct connection and coupling, motor protection grade IP55 and IP54, air-cooled;

5. At the same time, sandblasting kit and cleaning agent can be added to the device, and mixed wet sandblasting can quickly remove rust and remove paint;

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