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How To Choose The Material Of The Phone Case?
Jan 07, 2019

With the rapid development of technology, it is diversified for the increase of mobile phone brands and functions. The mobile phone sets are divided into textures, such as silicone, leather, hard plastic, leather, metal, soft plastic, cashmere, silk, etc. . The silicone case not only acts as an ornament to make your mobile phone a landscape, but also protects the phone from falling, scratching, waterproof and shockproof.

For friends who know how to walk, this is the best choice for mobile phone sets that are most popular among young people.

Advantages: anti-drop waterproof and toughness, smooth surface, color, easy to disassemble, good cushioning performance, easy to clean with ash.

Disadvantages: more expensive than other materials.

The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many other similar materials that are difficult to replace: adsorption, high performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, and high mechanical strength. Silica products are generally made transparent. The odor is relatively small, the product is in powder form, and it is more heat-resistant and cold-resistant than other materials. The silicone product is heated in the microwave oven, and any other material can not be used.

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