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How To Improve The Dustproof Ability Of Silicone Products
Jan 18, 2019

Due to the inert nature of the silicone material and the low antistatic ability of the silicone, the silicone product has a headache and a weak point of vacuuming. What methods can improve the dustproof ability of the silicone product?

The most commonly used method for silicone products manufacturers is: spray hand oil; in addition to the fuel injection method, what other methods to deal with the weakness of silica gel vacuum.

1. Add silicone antistatic agent (also called silica dustproofing agent), which makes up for the problem of low antistatic ability of silica gel.

2. Sprayed hand oil (or PU oil), because the silicone product is very sticky before it is sprayed, it is easy to stick dust, it is smooth after spraying, it is not easy to stick dust, and further it is sprayed with anti-static oil, which can be very big. The degree of non-sticking.

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