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How To Maintain Silicone Watch Strap
Jan 07, 2019

The silicone watch strap is elegantly styled with a soft, soft feel that gives the wearer a warm, comfortable feel in the cold winter. The delicate and elegant soft silicone strap has always been welcomed by many watch lovers. The comfort and absolute environmental protection has always been the most attractive place for the belt, but it is also a big problem. The following points are some tips for using the straps of the home watch, which can further your knowledge of the love watch.


1. The hot summer is easy for the wearer to sweat. The silicone watch band is not the best choice at this time. Once the strap is destroyed, it will be quite difficult to recover. In the summer, you can change the stainless steel belt first, and then change the leather belt in the winter, so that you can achieve the best use. Silicone straps should not be afraid of water. Wear them for a period of time with toothpaste. It is best to spray a thin layer of feel oil, which can be decontaminated and antistatic, and shiny and smooth.


2, silicone strap will easily damage the surface under the erosion of sweat. The best maintenance for this situation is cleaning, ventilation, and drying. The silicone strap is easily aging after contact with a large amount of sweat and then air-dried, which may cause chromatic aberration in the place where the skin is in contact with the silicone strap, and may even make the skin feel itchy. Of course, even the best silicone and careful care can not withstand the baptism of time, and the old silicone strap can make the quality of the watch much lower, so in general, if the wearer often replaces at least half a year Take a silicone strap or take a spray of oil.


3, the generation of silicone strap aging is the biggest problem of silicone strap wearer. When the silicone strap is aged, apply a little soapy water to the toothbrush, quickly scrub the dirt, and wipe with a slightly damp cloth. To prevent soapy water from penetrating into the cortex, the whole process is best done in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can also apply some hand-feeling oil on the silicone strap. The hand-feeling oil has a protective effect on the silicone watch, which gives the silicone strap a new radiance.


4, the direct sun will cause irreversible damage inside the cortex table, so long-term exposure to the sun will also cause the silica gel strap to deteriorate, which is also a place to pay attention.

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