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How To Solve The Problem Of The Edging Of Silicone Products
Jan 18, 2019

After being vulcanized by silica gel, silica gel has initially become a silicone product. Silicone products have many burrs and burrs; this has a serious impact on the appearance and practicality of silicone products, so we have to carry out the subsequent processing of silicone products. The subsequent processing of the silicone product includes the splitting edge (also called the flash edge). Sometimes when the product comes out, the raw edge of the beer is torn off, and it can be smashed by itself. Now it has to be torn a few times; this seriously affects the production efficiency.


1. Check if the vulcanizing agent is excessive, and if the raw material is mixed well, the storage time is too long;

2. Check if the mold temperature is too high;

3. Check if the number of exhausts is excessive and whether the exhaust stroke is too large;

4. Whether the operator's operating speed is too fast, and if so, reduce the curing time or mold temperature.

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