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Need To Know The Use Of Medical Silicone Tube
Dec 31, 2018

The medical silicone tube is generally made of natural color silica gel without any color. It is suitable for guiding gas, conveying liquid medicine and distilled water. It is not suitable for long-term transportation of high concentration of strong acid and alkali and organic oil. If it needs to maintain a long service life, it must be It is used under the rated working pressure and ambient temperature of the medical silicone tube. As the temperature rises, the working pressure of the medical silicone tube should be reduced accordingly. If the limit is exceeded, the medical silicone tube may be broken, and if more than 220 degrees of fluid is transported at a constant time. Or the chemically corrosive chemical composition of the fluid will result in a decrease in the service life of the medical silicone tube and a tube rupture.

The medical silicone tube can be placed in the air for more than 10 years without aging phenomenon such as tube cracking. Although storage in humid air for a long time will cause the surface of the tube to yellow, it will not affect the performance of the medical silicone tube.

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