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Silicone Rubber Plays An Important Role In The Medical Industry
Nov 19, 2018

The medical device industry now has a preference for medical materials for silicone rubber. silicone rubber has low sensitivity because it is different from rubber that is allergic to some users.  silicone does not contain phthalates in polyvinyl chloride, a plasticizer found in experiments that can disrupt the endocrine system and damage the reproductive and nervous systems.

The chemical inertness and temperature resistance of silicone rubbers also have a long shelf life and long service life. The silicone supplier recommends that the material should be processed within six months, but in fact the cast parts containing silicone rubber can be stored indefinitely, although the molder recommends a maximum shelf life of three years. The durability of this medical material extends the life of the corresponding medical device, benefiting both manufacturers and end users.

As the medical device industry continues to deepen its understanding of the medical materials used in products, the unique properties of liquid silicone rubber have expanded its range of applications. As these characteristics are more widely known, new applications and expanding markets are driving the wider application of liquid silicone rubber in medical devices.

 The basic component of silicon is the most common and easily accessible element on Earth. silicone rubber is easy to manufacture into complex shapes and chemically inert, and its practicality and excellent properties make it suitable for use in medical equipment from the beginning.

The biocompatibility and low sensitivity of liquid silica gel minimizes the risk of allergic reactions during use. And because of its hygiene, bacteria and fungi are almost impossible to grow and spread. These characteristics make it an ideal material for short-term and long-term transplant equipment.

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