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Silicone Rubber Products Are Widely Used In LED
Dec 30, 2018

The rubber can maintain elasticity for a long time at -60 to 200 ° C. It does not absorb heat, does not exotherm during curing, does not shrink after curing, has good adhesion to materials, and has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, water and ozone resistance. , weather resistance, with its potting LED products can play the role of moisture, corrosion, shock, dust.

Stabilizing component parameters, silicone rubber miscellaneous parts can be divided into single component and two component according to the different components. The most common thermal silicone rubber is composed of two components, components A and B. The chemical reaction mechanism can be divided into two types of silicone rubbers, such as addition molding and condensation. The product can be deep-sealed and has no low-molecular substance in the vulcanization process. The shrinkage rate is low and the adhesion to the component or potting cavity wall. Lower. One-component thermal conductive silicone rubber also includes two types of condensation type and addition type. The condensation type product generally has good adhesion to the substrate, but is only suitable for shallow potting, and one-component addition of heat-conductive silicone rubber is generally required. It is stored at low temperature and needs to be heated and vulcanized after filling.

Products have covered traditional home appliances, household products, mobile phones, computers, automobiles, new silicone products and other fields, the products are exported to all parts of the world.

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