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The Difference Between Solid Silicone And Liquid Silicone
Dec 05, 2018

First, distinguish from the appearance:

Liquid silicone is in a liquid state and has fluidity; solid silica gel is solid and has no fluidity.

Second, the use of liquid silicone and solid silica gel:

1. Liquid silicone is generally used in baby products and kitchen supplies as well as medical supplies. It can directly contact food and human body.

2, solid silicone is generally used in daily necessities and industrial miscellaneous items and auto parts.

3, the safety of liquid silicone and solid silica gel: liquid silica gel is a high transparent and high-safe food grade material, without adding vulcanizing agent when molding

Auxiliary materials, sealed and formed.

Solid silica gel is a transparent material. It needs to be vulcanized to accelerate the vulcanization molding time and form an open mold.

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