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What Is Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber
Jul 06, 2018

Flame retardant silicone rubber, a flame-resistant component based on silicone rubber comprising flame retardant systems containing the following components, platinum complexes, phenolic fibres, alkali metal oxides, metal hydroxide or oxygen-containing complexes or flame retardants.

These in the silicone rubber dosage, to 100 parts of silicone rubber measurement: Platinum complex 0.00004~0.00006, phenolic fiber 10~25, flame retardant 1~25. The silicone rubber has been used for the licensing of a fire alarm sensor with cable protection barrier material, upon examination, the material can meet the requirements of the design department, the flame retardant silicone rubber can withstand about 1000 degrees of flame burning for 5 minutes, and ensure that the internal cable protection is not damaged, so as to ensure that the fire sensor in the event of a fire in effect.

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