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What Is The Difference Between Pvc Tube And Silicone Tube?
Dec 15, 2018

Silicone tube

Smooth, soft, seamless surface for good sealing; high temperature sterilization or gamma sterilization, re-use; odorless; good chemical resistance; operating temperature -70 ° C to 200 ° C.


PVC tube

Poly vinylchloride refers to polyvinyl chloride, a common plastic used in various pipes, artificial leather, and transparent sandals. It is the largest plastic used in construction. The density of rigid polyvinyl chloride is 1.38~1.43g/cm3, the mechanical strength is high, the chemical stability is good, and the use temperature range is generally between -15 and +55 °C, which is suitable for manufacturing plastic doors and windows, down pipes, trunking and the like. Polyvinyl chloride decomposes when heated, producing HCl and other chlorides, which are toxic.

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