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Why Do Silicone Products Smell?
Jan 18, 2019

Silicone products have odor, is this smell toxic? How to eliminate it?

From the perspective of raw materials, silica gel is a natural green material. Silicone raw materials for different purposes can pass relevant testing standards, such as nipples, which can be tested by food grade silicone. Silicone medical accessories can be tested by medical treatment if you don't believe it. Test reports, then the Western countries' favorite of this product is the best proof. Especially silicone kitchenware, what silicone cake mold, silicone spoon has been everywhere in every corner of life, there are some silicone omelettes and the like, are food grade silicone high temperature molding.

For silicone products, there is a taste, this taste is not a harmful substance, and it does not harm the human body. The molding of silicone products mainly relies on this to catalyze molding. If you encounter such a taste in silicone products, please put the product in a ventilated place for a while, the taste will be completely dispersed, and the batch of silicone products will be concentrated together to produce such a taste.

Regarding silicone rubber products, the production of silicone rubber products is a complicated process, in addition to the quality of machinery and human factors. Intermediate inspection is the key to identifying and resolving major product quality issues.

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