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Wide Application Of Compounded Silica Gel Raw Materials
Dec 04, 2018

The compounded silicone rubber is made of methyl vinyl silicone rubber as the main raw material, and the white carbon black is used as the reinforcing filler. It is processed with a specific specification and is processed by a mixing process. It is a special rubber for high temperature vulcanization.

Hybrid silicone rubber is widely used in many manufacturing industries such as electronics, motors, wire and cable, household appliances, and chemicals, machinery, transportation, and automobiles.

The compounded silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and water repellency. It is used for a long time in a wide temperature range of -50 ° C to 200 ° C, and the product also has excellent mold release. Processing properties such as hot tearing.

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