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Wide Application Of Silicone Rubber Products In The Medical Field
Dec 27, 2018

As a medical material, silicone rubber has been recognized by the medical community for decades. It has become more and more widely used. Many large companies have made medical silicone rubber the main goal of development, and medical silicone rubber has made great progress.

In addition to meeting the basic requirements of medical polymer materials, silicone tube has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, non-toxicity, bio-aging resistance, minimal response to human tissues, and good physical and mechanical properties. Molecular materials are widely used in medical and biomedical engineering. Among the many medical polymer materials, silicone rubber dominates both in quantity and variety.

    ◆ Silicone tube

    Medical catheters are the fastest growing and most versatile products in medical silicone rubber products. According to the use, it can be divided into in vivo and in vitro. In vitro, it is mainly various types of pump tubes, such as artificial heart-lung machine pump tube, connecting tubes with various instruments, infusion tubes, etc.; for in vivo, all kinds of cannula, catheter and drainage tube. The current development trend of medical catheters for human body is miniaturization, thin walling, multi-cavity and multi-tube multi-functionalization. Especially for catheters in the body, whether for long-term or short-term use, the advantages of silicone rubber and catheter are unmatched by other materials.

    ◆ Brain surgery products

    The silicone rubber products used in cranial surgery mainly include artificial skull, silicon-titanium composite repairing material, hydrocephalus six device, ventricular drainage tube, artificial meninges, and artificial meninges made of silicone rubber and nylon fabric. It can be used to repair traumatic dural defects, repair dural or dura mater defects caused by excision of tumor on the dura mater or infiltrating area.

    ◆ ENT products

    Silicone rubber products for ENT include: artificial nose bridge, artificial chin, mandible, artificial ear, artificial larynx, otitis media ventilator, lacrimal passage probing device, lacrimal duct plug, nostril stent, snoring device, nasal hemostatic balloon, Artificial respirator wave tube, tracheotomy sleeve, etc. At present, silicone rubber has been widely used in cosmetic and prosthetic surgery, and can repair various parts of the face and internal organs, chest, joints, and the like.

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